Counting the votes. Swiss vote results 28 February 2016.

The votes have been counted. The Swiss Statistics Office charts below show results by canton and district. To display the percentage results for a canton or district click on it. The charts can be switched from canton to district by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top right of each chart.

The initiatives to automatically expel foreign criminals, to stop penalising marriage, and to ban food speculation have all been rejected. While the vote to drill a second road tunnel under the Gotthard pass has been accepted. Nationwide results are shown in the chart below.

Swiss referendum results 28 February 2016

Some Cantons firmly rejected the initiative to expel foreign criminals. In Basel City 70.2% rejected it, along with Zurich (65%), Jura (60.3%), Neuchatel (65.3%), Vaud (66.6%) and Geneva (64.5%).

The UDC (SVP) responded to the initiative’s failure by reminding the government to follow through with action on the laws passed by Parliament in March last year. The UDC said “According to statements made by the federal administration and those opposed to the initiative, the legislation approved by Parliament, which should be immediately put into action, will allow for the expulsion of over 3,800 foreign criminals.”

Swiss vote to automatically expel foreign criminals.

Vote on new Alpine road tunnel.

Swiss vote to ban food speculation.

Swiss vote against penalising marriage.

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  1. Dewi smith says

    I dont know why foreign criminals shouldnt be expelled to their country. It cost a lot of tax payers money to keep them here

    • Dan says

      The only explanation is the criminals and foreign savages are already a majority in your country… it means you already lost your homeland. So good luck in the future.